Moody Good is dialing into his creative conscious at an amazing rate.YOUR EDM
London-based Moody Good, aka Eddie Jefferys, makes the sort of textured, sometimes terrifying, sometimes lush dance music that you’d expect someone like Björk might enjoyTHE GUARDIAN
Eddie Jefferys paints a vivid picture with his music. Formerly one half of UK bass duo, 16bit, Jefferys now assumes the moniker, Moody Good, as his solo project, engineering sounds that teeter ever so gracefully between gentle, soothing notes and brute, forceful synth quakes.NEST HQ
As Moody Good, he crafts woozy, bass-heavy soundscapes that touch on a variety of genres, including seductive trip-hop, Burial-inspired two-step, left-field hip-hop, ragged-edge dubstep and grime — bounding between and cross-breeding sounds with reckless abandon.FACT MAGAZINE
His aggressive yet beautiful approach to bass-heavy music has been turning heads since the inception of this new project.EDM.COM



Yogi & Skrillex – Burial (feat. Pusha T, Moody Good, TrollPhace) [Official Music Video]

Moody Good – Musicbx (feat. Eryn Allen Kane) [Official Music Video]

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