“Having (rightfully) earned comparisons to artists like Bjork, Dirty Projectors and Joanna Newsom over the past year, this is a band that’s clearly already in an elite class with regards to songcraft.”


“Their stage setup might be a confounding tangle of cables and surge protectors, but there’s a commitment to unapologetic, real-time virtuosity, compositional refinement, and vision that cuts through the nonchalant clutter of their peers. You can’t pull of sounding this joyfully adventurous without being a serious musician.”


“True song craft and musicianship is at work within Hundred Waters, and that warrants some serious attention.”


“Their name is Hundred Waters, and as an indie “electra avant-garde” folk band–channeling images of English countrysides, landscapes, sunsets, and other pastorally breathtaking images through baths of reverb and laptop programming—their mere existence as a Florida-bred act with actual talent redeems Florida for all its musical atrocities that have forsaken our eardrums and damaged our souls.”



Sounding as if Stereolab, the Postal Service, Broadcast, Laura Nyro, and Björk were the top five of their collective playlist, Hundred Waters are a quartet from Gainesville, Florida whose soft combination of organic and electronic attracted the most unlikely of label bosses, superstar DJ Skrillex. Members Nicole Miglis, Trayer Tryon, Paul Giese, Zach Tetreault, and Allen Scott played together in various formations as friends back in middle school, but it took until adulthood and 2011 for them to become Hundred Waters. Living together in one house meant the band had a communal mentality, yet over time, a unique technique of the five members recording and composing on their own was developed, and soon jam sessions evolved into individuals working on the same songs but alone, in different rooms. The group felt that greater care was being put into the work and the results displayed it. The best results were released by the Elestial label in 2012 as the band’s self-titled debut album. Skrillex caught wind of the release and signed the band to his OWSLA label that same year. AraabMuzik, Star Slinger, and Troublemaker were some of the remixers who contributed to their first OWSLA release, the 2012 EP Thistle.