“KOAN Sound are in a league of their own and if they continue to develop at this pace, there may be no way for anyone to catch up.”


“The Bristol bass music duo are known for some of the most creative drum programming and processing in the business.”


“Funky is an understatement for KOAN Sound, the massive duo from Bristol, UK.”


“Young and vivacious are two boys from Bristol, UK who are serving enlightenment on a dish. Breaking boundaries and forging new styles, these new sounds is certainly giving other artist something to meditate with.”


“Varying in styles dramatically, Koan is able to manipulate genres infusing their aggressive glitch hop roots into what we have discovered is a much more gentle and sensual side of of Koan Sound.”



It’s strange how the death of one musical group can be exactly the sort of catalyst needed to spawn another. KOAN Sound are certainly a highly gifted example of this phenomenon. It was in 2008 that KOAN Sound emerged from the ashes of several other musical endeavours, fusing passion for electronic music with sheer musical intuition. Since then KOAN Sound have continued to develop, synthesising ever more complex and inspirational patterns. And with influences such as The Prodigy, Amon Tobin and Noisia, it’s not hard to see why KOAN Sound productions are synonymous with dark gripping basslines; elegantly mastered and meticulously executed.

Support is nothing but exponential for KOAN Sound. The group’s creative and above all original ethos has granted them well deserved credibility from producers, DJ and music fans alike. These include Aphex Twin, Pendulum, Zane Lowe and Rusko. Armed with a creative diversity second to none, they have set themselves apart from their peers and continue to push music not restrained by tempo or genre, all connected by their trademark ‘KOAN’ sound.

Keep your ears to the ground: KOAN Sound have arrived.