“Having (rightfully) earned comparisons to artists like Bjork, Dirty Projectors and Joanna Newsom over the past year, this is a band that’s clearly already in an elite class with regards to songcraft.”


“Their stage setup might be a confounding tangle of cables and surge protectors, but there’s a commitment to unapologetic, real-time virtuosity, compositional refinement, and vision that cuts through the nonchalant clutter of their peers. You can’t pull of sounding this joyfully adventurous without being a serious musician.”


“True song craft and musicianship is at work within Hundred Waters, and that warrants some serious attention.”


“Their name is Hundred Waters, and as an indie “electra avant-garde” folk band–channeling images of English countrysides, landscapes, sunsets, and other pastorally breathtaking images through baths of reverb and laptop programming—their mere existence as a Florida-bred act with actual talent redeems Florida for all its musical atrocities that have forsaken our eardrums and damaged our souls.”