Showtek are Wouter and Sjoerd Janssen, two brothers who live for electronic dance music. Showtek have passion they turn into creation, producing music that shattered all expectations in just under a decade of hitting the scene. Showtek have sold out shows in all four corners of the globe on the biggest stages and stunned at every turn. Showtek go bigger and better with every hit, cruising to the Beatport Top 5 an unprecedented 5 times straight and the best is yet to come. Showtek are the hottest act of 2013 right now; this is their year, their show.

Noisecontrollers, Arjan Terpstra and Bas Oskam, began at the end of 2005. Arjan, producing hip-hop, and Bas,producing hard-trance, decided to start producing hardstyle together and from that moment on Noisecontrollers was born with only 1 goal; Bringing hardstyle to a newer level.
Noisecontrollers, who where made notorious for their rough pounding kicks and astonishing melodies, recieved a huge response on their music, in 2006, so great that they decided to start a special Live-act to premiere. In 2007 they played all throughout Europe, USA and Australia at events like X-Qlusive, In Qontrol, Qrime Time, Reverze and HardBass. Noisecontrollers released their music on Fusion Records, which started with “Creatures”. After that they got massive response on their secondary releases containting “Crump”, “Marlboro Man” and “Aliens”. Already huge support from all the hardstyle jocks, this release containing the tracks “Shreek”, “Venom” and “Rushroom” was one of the best selling hardstyle-release of the summer of 2008. Noisecontrollers is already becoming the most wanted act world wide and will show that hardstyle hasn’t reached its top by far.