RELEASE: 6/7/2013

“-Jaded Future (La Femme Remix): La Femme is a young band we met recently. They support us at Le Zenith (Paris) and we knew that they would create a truly unique remix. I love it because It almost sounds like a song by Gainsbourg.

-Defiant Order (Breakbot Remix): Breakbot shows his skills but keeps the original vibe of this song. It’s perfect.

-Parache (Maelstrom Remix): Play this song in a club! Guaranteed success!! Congratulations Mael!

-The Plan (Bambounou Remix): Bambounou belongs to the new generation. It is simple and catchy. I really like the Hip Hop vibe and how the drums have been remixed.

-Written In The Sand (Gucci Vump Remix): Gucci Vump at his best! It sounds like a movie soundtrack and brings back a lot of memories… I think it moved me, ha ha ha!

-Cadillac Dreams (Teki Latex Remix): Teki Latex is a longtime friend; it was the first time we made this kind of track. My old love for rap music encouraged me to do this remix.

-Black Bird (DVNO Remix): DVNO is my childhood friend and we used to play in a band together… This remix is very creative and highlights new aspects of the original song. This is definitely one of my favorite remixes.”

-Thomas Parent aka DJ Pone


“All seven remixes are fantastic.”


“Filled with solid remixes throughout this compilation is one that many EDM fans would enjoy.”