RELEASE DATE: 1/2/2013

The Reason and Leaving came together last minute. Skrillex made Leaving in his hotel room in Mexico and just finished the Reason an hour before release in his hotel room in Miami. The EP is a reflection of his emotions around the time of the release.


The Reason” – a dancefloor bumper with a delicate synth hook.

-Rolling Stone

“What’s most shocking about “Leaving” is its subtlety and its thoughtful exploration of space. The first track feels like an updated version of Scottish soundscape artists Boards of Canada, and it features a haunting, echoed voice repeatedly uttering the title word while gentle, fractured melodies swirl around it. The third song is equally textured, an Aphex Twin-inspired funky jam that employs the sound of early video games in service of work that seems designed for some forward-thinking rapper to throw verses over.”

- L.A. Times