RELEASE: 12/16/13

“In writing “Shill” and “Cerebral Bore” I wanted to explore what I see as two very distinct sides to the Stay Positive project. My influences change all the time – but a strong undercurrent of 90s house is one of the few constants. You can hear it most obviously in the rhythmic elements of Shill: with the cross rhythm synth chords and, later in the tune, the syncopated sine stabs. I tried to marry this old rave influence up with my love of more recent UK bass music. Shill is, ironically, the more cerebral of the two as I tried to balance off these two main influences.

Cerebral Bore, on the other hand, was written with live shows in mind. I was picturing a crowd and trying to imagine what I could do to get them moving. I kept asking myself what combination of sounds, rhythms, dynamics will make everyone go fucking mental and just chased that image throughout the process – letting it guide the writing. It had also been a while since I’d written anything in 7/4 – got to put that music degree to use every now and then! Also, Turok.”

-Stay Positive


“With a deep bass that drives the track’s energy, the track climaxes in an onslaught of techno-like synths and catchy vocal samples that is perfect for turning the dance floor into a warehouse rave.”


“Jackin’ House out on OWSLA? You bet.”