Aryay – Vicious EP


RELEASE: Jul 09, 2015

Vicious expands on the heaviness and clean-lined production found in his breakout single while drawing back the curtain on all new facets of Aryay’s repertoire; most notably his work with original vocals from Elkka, Ben Reigns, and his own brother.zNest HQ
"R YOU OK" is one of the most refreshing "future bass" styled songs we've heard in quite some time. Aryay takes you on a melodic journey with unique percussion, colorful chords and even throws some violin in the mix to let the vocals sit on top for the perfect outcome.This Song Is Sick
Elkka provides chilling vocals over dark bass before the beat drops into a sudden, sharp spiral of funky creative synths and sounds, trapped out drums and more awesome vocals from Elkka.Run the Trap

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