Etnik – Neon Daze

RELEASE: Nov 19, 2013

Neon Daze is without a doubt one of the darkest and most interesting releases I’ve heard in a while, conjuring up images of abandoned warehouses and late night basement parties.LESS THAN 3
‘Nixon’ showcases a masterstroke in production as an array of perfectly orchestrated synths and techno laced beats and deliver an energetic, fast-paced rhythm to leave you fully charged throughout the day.THIS SONG IS SICK
The serpentine basslines and industrial clatter of the EP’s lead single set the tone for the new five track release — followed by the booming warehouse sounds of “Nixon,” the brain-rattling basslines of “Vault,” the dark, late-night euphoria of “La Nuit,” and the sultry, vocally-driven “Boaws.NEST HQ
Let the big, haunting chords and ADD riddled beeps and clicks welcome you in.THE MUSIC NINJA

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