Heartsrevolution – Ride or Die Remixes EP


RELEASE: Oct 23, 2014

Aggressive but not intrusive, the rumbling, half-time hook works just as well in heavy bass sets as it does in bassline and garage stylings, making for a versatile tune that can set shit off just about anywhere.NEST HQ
Squealing synths bop and hiss, preplacing the original’s melodic appeal, although Wuki seamlessly works in subtle pieces of what was once originally something with a lot less kick and a little more love into his moody, eccentric remix. Working into the second half of the tune, a halftime break with the addition of sharp hi-hat rolls rounds off a grimy, forward-thinking house rework.DANCING ASTRONAUT
It's an almost-galactic take on the track, somewhere between witch house and late trap. All the rock-leaning elements have been removed and replaced with shimmery spaced out sounds.THUMP

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