Hundred Waters – Boreal Remix EP

Hundred Waters

RELEASE: Mar 26, 2013

The album version of “Boreal” bubbles in a hail of synthetic shimmering, like a digitized moon dancing over pixelated waves. Brillz fills that ocean with familiar quirks of dubstep, spilling it out onto a gel-lit dance floor. Phantoms gets lost in the swirling current and nearly doubles the length of the track. Meanwhile, Daedelus builds up some computerized haze that resonates in and out over some rocky seas.CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND
The avant-pop original is all shimmering arpeggios and looping whimsy. On his remix of the track, Daedelus works his off-kilter beat magic, turning ‘Boreal’ into something shifty and filtered.FACT MAGAZINE
You wouldn’t expect them to find a common ground between their very different aesthetics, but that’s what happens when Blood Diamonds reworks Hundred Waters’ gorgeous single “Boreal”.STEREOGUM

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