Koan Sound & Asa – Sanctuary EP

Koan Sound & Asa

RELEASE: Oct 22, 2013

While we’ve seen the softer side of KOAN Sound and Asa before, Sanctuary strives towards something greater. Somewhere between the organic atmospheres and beatific dream sequences rests an aura of spirituality. The combination of the pristine piano and string work, fluid drum fills, and flawless layering is nothing short of divine.DANCING ASTRONAUT
Unique is an understatement for the sound these two create, and we can’t get enough.THIS SONG IS SICK
This masterpiece has gone straight to the #1 electronic albums on iTunes, and rightfully so.THIS SONG SLAPS
Filled with brilliant, low-key melodic work and some atypical rhythms and meters, Sanctuary sounds the trumpets for a booming midtempo scene that is on its way back in a big way.THE UNTZ

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