Phuture Doom – Phuture Doom LP

Phuture Doom

RELEASE: Nov 05, 2013

Sure, the anonymity story is cool. Are they really from Detroit? Is it Skrill himself? Frankly, we don’t care if it’s Miley Cyrus’ butthole or the ghost of Brittany Murphy. The fact is the music is fire. A brain-cleansing blast of warlock beats, with enough grit and glitch to separate itself from the shiny, happy EDM people.THUMP
Phuture Doom brew “Black Acid,” a catch-all term for the Detroit outfit’s unique blend of black metal and ravey techno.SPIN
Sure, the LP starts with the four tracks from the EP, but the remaining six tracks sound to be a complete mindfuck.DO ANDROIDS DANCE
The beats come in to whip your ass into dance mode.ALARM
The result is a satisfying occult tinged dark vision of the future that they succeed in turning into a bankable EDM sound.H+

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