Showtek and Noisecontrollers – Get Loose

Showtek and Noisecontrollers

RELEASE: Apr 16, 2013

“Get Loose” is a full-bodied genre-bender, divulging in the middle-grounds of peak time electro house and dub step to the avail of one their most powerful offerings to date.DANCING ASTRONAUT
Get Loose embodies a divine big room vibe and an array of unexpected turns and drops that make it one of a kind. Whether you’re looking for a thumping main room drop, a volatile blend of gnarled bass, or even a healthy serving of big room moombahcore, Get Loose has you covered.LESSTHAN3
This track brilliantly ranges from 140 BPM to 128 BPM to 110 BPM, then all the way back up to 140 BPM, taking its listeners on a roller-coaster ride of dance music sounds.ELEKTRO
The tune features a melody fit for an arena and a screaming bassline that is sure to scare the poop out of your parents.DO ANDROIDS DANCE

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