Snails & Antiserum – Wild

Snails & Antiserum

RELEASE: May 20, 2014

An atmosphere of anticipation has surrounded “Wild” since the first time it was played out, and for good reason; the Jack U supported trap jam contains the forceful 808s and thumping bass that the trap genre, at its core, is all about.DANCING ASTRONAUT
The mission was simple when heavyweight bass enthusiasts Snails and Antiserum went in on one of the biggest collaborative releases of the year; to create a tune that would leave listeners jaws on the floor upon hearing the madness at hand. “Wild” delivers just that…THIS SONG IS SICK
This is a complete ground shaker of a track that should inspire other producers to step up their sound design game because the bar has been raised higher than ever before.DO ANDROIDS DANCE
There are songs that go hard, and then there are songs from go hard. This is the latter.LESS THAN 3

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