RELEASE: 4/8/2014

“The collaboration, entitled “Musicbx,” features quality production from the UK-based producer and a stunning vocal performance from Kane.”


“The first few bars of “Musicbx”—its tufts of cheery thumb piano and thin, reverb-washed pop vocals—will not prepare you for the thick swaths of sub bass and sharp, angular drums that kick in when this baby drops. Those crackly kick drums will vibrate your third eye through the bottoms of your feet.”


“…early fruits of this unique opus are the deep n’ delicate Musicbx with Eryn Allen Kane.”


“Such is the case with the first single, “Musicbx,” from Moody Good’s self-titled debut album — imposing subtle, feathery piano work alongside Eryn Allen Kane’s yearning vocals while implanting unsuspected synth blasts that can’t help but catch you a little off-guard.”