Blood Diamonds

Blood Diamonds, aka Michael Diamond, is a twenty-two year old Los Angeles-based pop artist best known for his imaginative soundscapes and infectious, sun-dipped production. Coming from a background in classical and modernistic jazz from his adolescence in Kansas City and then after moving to Vancouver to study a degree in video game design, he became absorbed in all music electronic and quickly started to write and play live. Lifting influences from RnB, dubstep and dream pop, Blood Diamond’s music can truly be marked as quintessentially his own.
Having become quickly known for his remixes and collaborations, Blood Diamonds latest 12″ release ‘Phone Sex’ (ft. Grimes) is out now on 4AD and his debut full length is slated for mid- 2013.

I’m surprised that Blood Diamonds has stayed under the radar this long. His sound design is dreamy and his songs offer almost unlimited replay ability.SALACIOUS SOUND
The Montreal producer Blood Diamonds, on the other hand, makes busy, disorienting, matrix-rupturing electronic stuff.STEREOGUM



Blood Diamonds – Barcode (ft. Dominic Lord) [Official Music Video]

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