Destructo (Gary Richards) began DJing and producing undergrounds in the early 90s in Los Angeles, most notably creating RaveAmerica at Knotts Berry Farm. Rick Rubin subsequently handpicked Gary for A&R in electronic music at Def American Recordings, launching a noteworthy career with such acts as Lords of Acid, Messiah, David Holmes, Basement Jaxx, Dub Pistols, God Lives Underwater and founding 1500 Records and Nitrus Records. After carrying his success to the metal world with No Name Mgmt, Destructo returned to his roots in 2007 by creating HARD. HARD events such as the HARD Haunted Mansion have become synonymous with cutting edge electronic music and unforgettable experiences, where the talent rosters reflect Destructo’s own impeccable DJ sets.

By night Gary Richards becomes the superhero known as Destructo, a DJ/producer trafficking in driving techno and electro-house cuts influenced by his over 20 years in the electronic music game.THUMP
Destructo has always been a secret favourite of mine.THIS SONG SLAPS
When he isn’t busy being the CEO of HARD, Gary Richards produces some smooth House tunes.SALACIOUS SOUND



Destructo – Higher (Official Music Video)

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