josh pan & Dylan Brady

As a DJ, producer, songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, josh pan is a Taiwan-raised American turned Los Angeles transplant with an insatiable need to create. From humble EDM beginnings to future-focused electronic productions, josh pan’s next move can’t be anticipated due to his extensive and ever-changing inspiration for his craft. He’s offered bass-fueled gems like “MASK” along with introspective creations such as the world within EP for OWSLA, delving into new pockets of art with each endeavor.

With a vast sonic palette and a discography that ranges across the electronic spectrum, Dylan Brady has built an extensive network of internet-based artists and become one of the most sought-after producers of the SoundCloud era. He’s maintained the mindset that everything he makes is considered pop music, from his 2015 full-length record All I Ever Wanted to his 2018 Peace & Love EP via Mad Decent.

Together, josh pan and Dylan Brady prove they’re capable of offering a completely fresh take on sincere, valuable music. Their collaborative album, This Car Needs Some Wheels, presents as an indie album with deep and introspective songwriting, taking a massive leap from what they’ve ever made before. “Writing with Dylan feels like a structured stream of consciousness,” josh says, noting the palpable energy between the pair. With a story of a man striving to find truth and meaning in a cold world filled with heartbreak and pain, This Car Needs Some Wheels is both josh and Dylan’s most adventurous effort to date.



josh pan & Dylan Brady – My Own Behavior (Official Music Video)

josh pan & Dylan Brady – Wheels (Official Music Video)

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