I’m gonna go ahead and say that Kill Paris is one of my favorite producers in recent years. He has been able to refine and nail down his sound resulting in any new track being recognizably his on first listen. That’s not to say his sound is stagnant, though–he finds ways to expand on it with each new track.LESSTHAN3
Trying to pin down the Kill Paris sound is like trying to tie your shoelaces with a pair of boxing gloves on. The OWSLA-based producer’s self-styled “future funk” is as prone to upfront dubstep stompery as it is to spaced out glitch-house.THUMP
LA-based producer Kill Paris is best known for his ability to mash heavy beats with smooth and sensual tunes.HYPETRAK
I have heard a lot of sounds, but nothing quite like this.EARMILK
Disco and funk vibes, glitchy tendencies, gritty low-end, and a smooth and confident flow puts Kill Paris firmly at the top of his game.DO ANDROIDS DANCE
A sound that rings in a heavy French house influence, adapted slightly to his own sound that takes in a grittier, yet soulful and groovy production.HYPETRAK



Kill Paris – Falling in Love Again (feat. Marty Rod & Alma) [Official Music Video]

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