Convention is shape-shifted into new life by the koan – an impenetrable concept, crafted for use in Buddhist meditation. The same methodology is precisely what can always be expected of music duo KOAN Sound …

Broadcast on several releases by Skrillex’s OWSLA imprint, alongside the UK’s Inspected Records, the group’s output showcases the vast range of musical territories they inhabit. Be it the formative techy weight renovating established dance music structures on their first releases from hometown labels in Bristol, the mutated brutality of their mid-tempo constructions – or even the cinematic journeys through orchestral expanses, revealed on their 2013 Sanctuary EP – members Jim Bastow and Will Weeks distinguish themselves across genres with inspired creativity, meticulous production finesse, and emphatic mastership of groove. Their infamous funk-infused formulations (perhaps most prevalent on their Funk Blaster EP) thrill audiences and DJs the world over, frequently synthesizing live instrumentation: a residual quality of their earliest days as a live band, with their vital and emblematic production. These renowned characteristics have not only informed a number of acclaimed remix conquests for artists such as Ed Sheeran and Kasabian, but also serve to make us evermore mindful of this duo’s compelling evolution.

KOAN Sound are in a league of their own and if they continue to develop at this pace, there may be no way for anyone to catch up.THE MUSIC NINJA
The Bristol bass music duo are known for some of the most creative drum programming and processing in the business.DANCING ASTRONAUT
Funky is an understatement for KOAN Sound, the massive duo from Bristol, UK.THIS SONG IS SICK
Young and vivacious are two boys from Bristol, UK who are serving enlightenment on a dish. Breaking boundaries and forging new styles, these new sounds is certainly giving other artist something to meditate with.SALACIOUS SOUND
Varying in styles dramatically, Koan is able to manipulate genres infusing their aggressive glitch hop roots into what we have discovered is a much more gentle and sensual side of of Koan Sound.YOUR EDM



KOAN Sound – Funk Blaster (Official Music Video)

KOAN Sound – 80’s Fitness (Official Music Video)

KOAN Sound & Asa – Sanctuary (ft. Alicia Kiah) [Official Music Video]

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