Jack Ü – Skrillex & Diplo Present Jack Ü

Jack Ü

RELEASE: Feb 28, 2015

That’s what Jack Ü is about, charging hard non-stop and swapping vibes with a seemingly amphetamine fueled frequency. Jack Ü has clearly found a formula and delivered exactly what they’ve been slathering in our faces for the past year.YourEDM
How does it stack up? It's fresh as fuck...Stoney Roads
While Skrillex was able to highlight just how multifaceted his sound really is on his first official album, 2014's Recess, and Diplo is forever proving that he's a musical chameleon, Jack Ü feels like the best representation of the joys of being a DJ/producer in 2015. Jack Ü is their mixtape to global music as they see it. Their influences, multiplied by the influence of their friends, with turn up and love and affection sprinkled in for added flavor. The end result is a love letter to the world of feels, and a great escape for heads looking to let their freak flag fly.Complex

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