Yogi & Skrillex – Burial (ft. Pusha T, Moody Good, Trollphace)

Yogi & Skrillex

RELEASE: Jul 06, 2015

Complete with devious masked dancers, a cameo from Dennis Rodman (yes, seriously), and a dude literally on fire, the music video for “Burial” is explosive in every sense of the word.Nest HQ
Yogi's "Burial" with Pusha T became a surprise hit when it arrived in 2014, and now the track has a new remix – courtesy of Skrillex, TrollPhace and Moody Good – plus an insane music video starring the Clipse rapper, an elastic dance troupe and, oddly, Dennis Rodman.Rolling Stone
Last year, Pusha T teamed up with British producer trio Yogi for “Burial.” That track has just gotten a remix courtesy of Skrillex, Trollphace, and Moody Good, plus a wild new Grant Singer-directed video. It follows an unsettling masked troupe of havoc-wreaking dancers, starting off in a barber shop where Pusha is getting his hair cut and then continuing outside as he hops into a car and rips off a mask to reveal that he was Dennis Rodman underneath the whole time. It’s an awesome, disorienting watchStereogum
Directed by Grant Singer, it features Pusha T and, um, Dennis Rodman navigating a team of creepy, mask-wearing breakdancers. The narrative manages to rope together a barber shop, ice cream, a copy machine that spews money, and some conveniently-timed pyrotechnics. It only gets wilder as it goes on.Pitchfork

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